About Rachel Chamness

Rachel Chamness is a Psychic Mentor & Lightworker Guide. Her purpose in this life is to connect spiritual seekers and lightworkers to their psychic centers, soul’s authentic light path, spirit guides, and higher self.

As a former professional opera singer, Rachel uses her trained voice and mediumship as tools to provide Spirit-guided Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healings, to connect clients with light beings, to remove blocks to deep healing, and to support lightworkers on their light path.

Rachel teaches online classes for Psychic Mediumship, Light Language, and Reiki. Her monthly Transformation & Ascension Group (TAG) helps others connect and heal with high-vibrational light beings. Tune into her Ascension & 5D Chats show, where she chats with other mediums on YouTube @soundwavesheal.

Rachel spends her off-time crystal hunting with her son, escaping into romance novels, and enjoying sci-fi movies with her hubby. You can find more information about Rachel and her work at