Sound Waves Heal with Rachel Chamness/Elemental Magick & Healing Program & Certification: Connect & Heal with Fae Elementals!

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Fae Elemental Magick & Healing Modality: Fae Healing Certification

    Become a Certified Fae and Elemental Healer. This course connects you to channel the healing of powerful Dragons, Unicorns, Fairies, and Mermaids of light. Be connected to their frequency for communication, be attuned to their Light Language, and learn to bring through their healing modalities for healing yourself and others.

    There is no pre-requisite for this course, at all! Those attuned to other modalities such as Reiki, Light Language and more will just find that these modalities add to your toolbox of psychic healing!

    These videos are also fully accessible for the visually impaired, as the energy is complete to attune you and the visuals are not even necessary.

    It is also soon to be fully accessible for the hearing impaired, I'm working on captioning. The energy will attune you, you do not need to actually hear it.

    "If you are curious about faeries, mermaids, dragons, and unicorns, then this is the program for you.

    Rachel delivers channeled messages from these wonderful elemental beings, giving us deeper insights into how they live, what motivates them, and how they can offer help to mankind.

    Rachel will align you to each of the elemental groups, affording you the ability to make a richer and deeper connection during meditation, channeling, and trancing.

    Finally, you will be attuned to each of their light-languages and healing modalities, adding new techniques to your toolbox for self-care use in addition to improving the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of others. A must have if you are a healer and want to add new healing modalities to your practice or if you are just curious and want to deepen your relationship with these gentle yet powerful beings." -Annette


    How to Use this Program

    How to Use this Program Effectively: Instructions, Caveats, Preparation
    • 6 mins
    • 403 MB
    About Rachel Chamness
      How to attune with the Light Language Attunements in this Program
      • 4 mins
      • 420 MB
      How to Get Certified in this Program
      • 1 min
      • 213 KB
      What is Liquid Reiki Sound Healing?
      • 1 min
      • 313 KB
      There is an e-book coming out soon that I reference called Elemental Magick & Healing

        Elemental Magick & Healing Program Part 1: Fairies

        Attune to Fairies, their Fairy Light, and their Light Language for Healing and manifesting!
        Fairy Class & Attunement
        • 28 mins
        • 1.31 GB
        Fairy Light Language Attunement and How to Use it
        • 7 mins
        • 608 MB
        Fairy Light Healing Modality Attunement
        • 9 mins
        • 516 MB
        Experience: A Healing with the Fairy Light Healing Modality
        • 5 mins
        • 318 MB

        Elemental Magick & Healing Program Part 2: Unicorns

        Attune to Unicorns, their Unicorn Light Healing, and their Light Language for Alignment and Flow!
        Unicorn & Metatron Sound Healing Attunement & Flow Align
          Unicorn Light Language Attunement and How to Use It
          • 7 mins
          • 709 MB
          Aligning with Unicorn Light Healing Blessings Modality
          • 7 mins
          • 443 MB
          Experience: A Healing with the Unicorn Light Healing Modality
          • 4 mins
          • 229 MB

          Elemental Magick & Healing Program Part 3: Dragons

          Attune to Dragons, their Dragon Fire Healing, and their Light Language for Focus & Clarity!
          Dragon Attunement & Quick Overview Class
          • 8 mins
          • 829 MB
          Dragon Light Language Attunement
          • 9 mins
          • 1.03 GB
          Dragon Fire Healing Modality Attunement
          • 8 mins
          • 509 MB
          Experience: A Healing with the Dragon Fire Healing Modality
          • 4 mins
          • 239 MB

          Elemental Magick & Healing Program Part 4: Mermaids

          Attune to mermaids, their Mermaid Water Healing, and their Light Language for Presence, and Truth Alignment!
          Mermaid Attunement & Manifesting Class
          • 31 mins
          • 1.35 GB
          Mermaid Light Language Attunement
          • 8 mins
          • 1.03 GB
          Mermaid Water Healing Modality Attunement
          • 7 mins
          • 454 MB
          Experience: A Healing with the Mermaid Water Healing Modality
          • 4 mins
          • 211 MB

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          REMINDER about your Certification

          🪪This program will automatically certify you with a certificate once you have done every module. Once you have finished all the modules, you will receive the certificate in an email.

          ✅🖱️Since I have included some extras in this section.. you'll have to click through those too, but that shouldn't be hard to do, and you may learn a few interesting things. These are not part of the certification, but are helpful in a few ways... like the meditations and freebies.

          ˖⁺。˚⋆˙💜 If you would like a fancier branded and colorful Certification that matches the ones I give for classes, you can purchase a digital version you can print on cardstock. Just email me at with how you want your name spelled, and submit $22 to writing "Fae healing certification" under Paypal's "what's this payment for?" section.

          Why don't I include a fancier certificate for everyone? It's to keep costs down for you. The certification you receive at the end of this program is complete!

          22 Liquid Reiki Sound Healings from Elemental Magick & Manifestation: A Fae Oracle Deck
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