Access the Meet Your Joy Guide Meditation by Rachel Chamness

In this free Meditation, you are guided to meet your Joy Guide! (please subscribe by clicking through to Youtube @soundwavesheal !)

The Joy Guide is one of your 5 Inner Band Spirit Guides.
I have added a bit of Sound Healing for Relaxation & Connection.

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✨ Your JOY GUIDE will help you channel, give and receive messages & live in JOY
✨ Your PROTECTOR GUIDE will protect your energy and keep you safe with a channeled symbol to use
✨ Your DOCTOR TEACHER GUIDE will⁠ help you find learning to increase your lightwork and teach you to channel writing!
✨ Your CHEMIST GUIDE will show you how to channel healing and help you with your own body chemistry
✨ and your MASTER TEACHER GUIDE helps ⁠you on your Light Path going forward!

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🥰 See you there!⁠