How to Open Your Psychic Senses with Oracle Cards: Course information

Would you like to learn how to use Oracle Cards in a few ways, and how to open your psychic senses with them? I have made a video course!

Learn to Open Your Psychic Senses with Oracle Cards Class 

👳‍🌙 Open your Psychic Senses with Oracle Cards⁠

Learn things like: ⁠
🔮 How to pick cards, connect to cards⁠
🔮 Clarifying & Reversed Cards⁠
🔮 Symbolism, Belief, Clearing⁠
🔮 How to receive more messages with Oracle Cards ⁠
🔮 Oracle Card Spreads⁠
🔮 Proper Questions for the best answers⁠
🔮 How to use for Healing with a Pendulum⁠
🔮 How to use for Channeling Beings⁠

✨ Access here: - this is also found inside TAG Membership in TAG 07 Basics with the other classes, if you are a TAG member.