Light Language & Light Codes for Psychic Healing & Transformation: Blogpost

This is an in depth blogpost I wrote about Light Language, which I definitely recommend for understanding it deeper, and being able to explain it, for when YOU teach it!

What is Light Language?

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What is Light Language?

Light Language is an alternative energetic healing modality that comes through in a variety of different ways, from symbols to language, tapping or drumming, singing (toning), art, body movement and even dancing. What is beautiful about this Language of Light is that it always comes from the Light, from High Vibrational Beings, to help you do healing work.

It is a language of vibration. It is the sound or vibration of Light Codes, and it includes sound healing and toning. It is a form of channeled healing. The Attuned Healer brings in the sounds of the Light Codes, or the drawing of the Light Codes on various mediums, which brings healing Light Codes, which can be seen by those who see clairvoyantly.

Those who are familiar with energy healing would consider it to be a multi-dimensional communication modality through which Divine Spirit can send messages, healing, and light codes to your higher self, DNA, and your physical body. Light Language can originate from Source/God/the Universe or it can be from High Vibrational Beings such as Star Beings from different planets, Angels, Illumined Masters, or Elemental Beings (like elves, fairies, or unicorns).

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