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Advanced Light Language: Sigils & Numbers Course

    For those already attuned to Light Language in the form of sound and art, it is time to Uplevel your Light Language abilities by adding Sigils and Numbers to your repertoire.

    In this class, you will learn to make powerful manifesting Sigils of art and sound to bring forth profound changes in your clients. You will also be attuned to Light Language Numbers to increase manifesting.

    These channeled numbers can help you release specific blocks or attune others to specific concepts and even to Light Beings. 

    Class includes attunements, practice of these concepts, extra class replay, tutorials, & Extras including powerful Sigils to help you move forward with these abilities.

    Questions written in comments will always be answered.

    This Video Replay attunes you, with Light Language and Reiki Symbols. You can begin learning now!!


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          Upgrade Light Language: Sigils & Numbers Course

          Besides access to the Class Notes, the only thing you will need for the live class is some easy art supplies like paper and pen/pencils/markers, whatever you like. If you use a Pendulum, that would also be helpful.

          There are Class Notes in this section you can print or have handy on your computer or phone, as well. 

          I don't recommend that you do all the Sigils in the next section all at once, they can cause some detox! Put some space between them! There are lots of sigils in the class videos too!

          What to bring to Class Video?
            Class Notes if you like to follow along
              I recommend a Pendulum
                Light Language Sigils and Numbers Live Class
                • (1h 31m 13s)
                • 4.46 GB
                Light Language Sigils and Numbers Live Class Replay #2— 3/5/22 Class
                • (1h 34m 21s)
                • 2.86 GB
                How to Build a Simple Sacred Circle

                  Sigils to Uplevel you for your Light Language

                  These are to help you, and do not need to be done before Class.

                  Be careful though— these are strong and can cause detox! Be sure to drink water, rest appropriately.. and try not to do them back to back! I recommend putting a little space between them, at least a day or two.
                  Sigil: Light Path Monetization
                  • 9 mins
                  Sigil: Open Receiving for Light Being Attunement Numbers
                  • 5 mins
                  • 61.6 MB
                  Sigil: Abundance through your Light Language
                  • 4 mins
                  • 51.2 MB
                  Sigil: Release Light Language Blocks & Restore Faith from March Sigils Class
                  • 1 min
                  • 9 MB
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                    Details: Extra Tutorials & Links

                    You don't have to be a computer expert to put these videos together! Here's some tips and suggestions for equipment, too.

                    *I do use affiliate links in this section, at no cost to you, thank you 😊
                    Tutorial: Putting together Art & Sound on Computer/Canva
                    • 7 mins
                    • 548 MB
                    How I Did My Canva Branding with my Sigil
                    • 2 mins
                    • 55.1 MB
                    Link to Book: Sigils of Power and Transformation: 111 Magick Sigils to Change and Control Your Life by Adam Blackthorne
                      Equipment Links: Mics & Ring Lights, Art & Photo lights
                        Link Prismacolor Pencils

                          Sigils from Students!

                          Would you like to share or see other student's Sigils?
                          How to share your Sigil
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                              Erin Stabile - Release Resistance Allow Ease Sigil

                                Furthering your Education of Light Language

                                A good Affirmation for Psychic Healers to Say
                                  Why to Affirm you ONLY work with Beings of Light
                                    Light Language & Light Codes for Psychic Healing & Transformation: Blogpost
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