Upcoming Courses at Sound Waves Heal!

I absolutely love to teach Lightworkers and Starseeds Psychic Healing and Mediumship! I usually suggest the path of Light Language— open up your psychic channeling for healing with Light Codes in 6 different ways— sing, speak, draw, dance, and drum! next 2 Hour Class $77, #replay also attunes you but live is fun, and community is a beautiful thing. You still have your privacy in your home with Zoom's features. Next Class is here!

For those looking to open their psychic mediumship or take it to the next level, check out my Trance Channeling Courses. 4 Levels to take you through many types & levels of channeling! First level is channelled writing, Channeled listening, Trance Channeling, Channeled symbols, Channeled Light Path Information for you, and Psychic Channeled Healing using safety precautions and learning by starting with your very own Spirit Guides. Includes a full program of clair opening meditations, attunements, and more. Next Class Here

TAG Beginners or Lightworkers is also a great place to start, to connect to many different types of Light Beings and Guides, Open your Clairs, and receive Psychic Healing from many different Beings — some even give it to you to use on others, in Sound Healing Attunements, meditations, short manifestation exercises, and Masterclasses too.
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