Sound Waves Heal with Rachel Chamness/Psychic Reiki Healing level 1 Video Bundle Program Class with Attunement Coupon

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Psychic Reiki Healing, Level 1 Video Program Bundle with Live Attunement Coupon

THIS is the one to BUY if you are first starting Reiki! Or have never had a personal reiki 1 attunement - you need a Reiki Personal Attunement Ceremony to use Reiki - this package includes that Session.

This is a Complete First Level Reiki Class including extra Abundance and Protection Programs, and a coupon to set up your Live Attunement with Shamanic Healer and Reiki Master Rachel Chamness!

What is Psychic Reiki Healing? This Reiki Course is based in Usui Reiki - original Reiki in teaching, and manuals. Additional teaching of Rachel Chamness' psychic healing is included at every level-- important ways to heal psychically for Reiki Healers!

Interested in Reiki Refresh without Attunement because you have already been attuned and just want to study the course material? If you would like to buy the Class without Attunement, go here.

Want to understand WHAT Reiki is? See my Reiki Blogpost here 


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$11 Protection & Shielding Course with Angel Fire

    Protection and Shielding with Angel Fire plus a group Sound Healing for Clearing & Protection. Pre-recorded video + class notes download. PROTECT, GROUND, AND SHIELD YOURSELF from other people’s energy, using Angel Fire, a technique given to us by the angels.

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    Psychic Reiki Healing Level 1 Certification, Live Attunement

      For those new to Reiki, purchase the Attunement with the Class Program. When you are ready for Attunement, you can use the enclosed: Coupon for Live Personal Attunement Session. Directions on How to Get Certified Afterwards. This is not sold by itself, but is part of the Reiki 1 Class & Attunement.

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      Psychic Reiki Healing Level 1 Video Course

        Complete Video Course for Psychic Reiki Healing Level 1 including Reiki for Self, Friends & Family, Pets, Objects and Plants! Begin this amazing Journey. Click on this to see entire program

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        TAG 09 Basics: Abundance Program- Basics and Advanced. Ascended Masters, EFT, Archangels, Blocks, Breaking Poverty and Vows, Light Path, Goddesses, 12 Solar Chakras, Stellar Gateway Chakra, and open up the Gates of Ascension, Violet Flame

          Are you ready to be your most abundant self? My TAG Abundance Program was channeled/created to help you go from wherever you are on your journey (from beginner to advanced) to feel the joy of aligning with your most abundant self! Included in TAG Program