Sound Waves Heal with Rachel Chamness/$11 Protection & Shielding Course with Angel Fire

  • $11

Protection and Shielding with Angel Fire

    Protection and Shielding with Angel Fire plus a group Sound Healing for Clearing & Protection. Pre-recorded video + class notes download.

    PROTECT, GROUND, AND SHIELD YOURSELF from other people’s energy, using Angel Fire, a technique given to us by the angels.

    Perfect for empaths, to shield your own energy and to learn to help others without depleting your own energy, as well.

    This is a perfect compliment to Reiki.

    Class includes:
    • Isis Clearing with Liquid Reiki Sound Healing
    • Empaths and Protection
    • Grounding to 5th Dimensional Earth Grid
    • Crystals for protection – around the home or on your person
    • How to use Angel Fire (Healing and Protection Modality of Light) to protect yourself – detailed by color and meaning.
    • Switchwords for protection (fast working affirmations that BYPASS the Negative Nelly Lizard Brain!)
    • How to invoke Angels to protect yourself from emotions and from negative entities and energies.


    Course Contents

    Protection and Shielding Masterclass
    • 29 mins
    • 2.72 GB
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