Work with Rachel Chamness at Sound Waves Heal

Hi! I'm Rachel Chamness at Sound Waves Heal. I'm a Shamanic Channel and Mentor.

With my proven method, I help Lightworkers channel extraordinary Beings of Light for healing and messages in Higher Dimensions.

As a Shamanic Channel & Guide, I want to help you open your Psychic Senses, and connect to your Spirit Guides and other High Light Beings who help you -- such as Fae, Angels, Galactic Helpers, Deities, Ascended Masters, and more. I want to EMPOWER you to use channeled Psychic Healing and receive messages for yourself and others.

 Connect with me on social media @soundwavesheal and my Podcast 5D Channels & Chats with Rachel Chamness

15m Discovery Call

How can I support you?

Liquid Reiki Shamanic Healing Personal Sessions

Connecting you with your higher dimensional helpers & spirit guides, Helping you with your light path and mentorship, healing & resolving wounds/past life trauma/problems, clearing your auric field, upgrading your light body, and more. 16+ chakras cleared, messages from Spirit. Working with Channeling 1:1 at any level is also an option. 45 min and 75 min sessions, fill out the session form to indicate what you'd like to do. For something small, distance/recorded Mini Sessions also available, as well as emergency Pocket Insights. Birth Portals and Surgery Sessions can be indicated on form.

Accelerated Channeling Mastery Course

Learn to Channel Healing Light & Sound, Light Codes, and Messages from higher dimensions with the help of your Spirit Guides and high vibrational beings of the light. Become a Multidimensional and Shamanic Psychic Healer & Messenger with a Course where you receive all the knowledge I've been accumulating from Higher Dimensional Beings from the past decade. Are you ready to commit yourself to become a master in this work of channeling messages, light & healing? Let's connect and find out.

Transformation and Ascension Lightworkers Community

Lightworkers and Starseeds, join our incredible community for Beginners to Advanced Spiritualists, to enhance your journey to ascension with a complete mystery school, connect to higher dimensional beings of light, open your Psychic Clairs, and more. Increase your Psychic Healing and Channeling Skills, and CONNECT with many Beings of the Light for Healing and Messages. Weekly Lives, True Upleveling, and Community.

Sound Waves Heal Programs

Light Language Attunement

Learn to bring forth profound Multi-Dimensional and high vibration Healing and Divine Light Codes in just a little over an hour, using channeled sound healing. This attunement will have a profound action in magnifying your skills as a Healer and your Psychic Senses will be enhanced. This class helps anyone, from beginner to advanced Lightworker.

Learn 6 ways of bringing forward healing Light Codes and Frequencies, and how to attune others. You can also have a Private Session for Advanced Attunement Certification.

Accelerated Advanced Channeling Healing & Mediumship

This program will allow you to explore several ways to channel your Guides and be able to receive and give healing and messages. I will guide you through learning my proven technique in the safest way possible and will be there for you personally to guide you through this process.

You can become a Master at connecting to any kind of light being, bringing their guidance, light, & healing for yourself and others, and finding your own niche as a Lightworker. This is a life-changing Course with four levels offered including bringing forward passed loved ones, and human historical figures.

Psychic Reiki Healing Attunements

Rachel Chamness teaches original Usui Reiki with her own Psychic Healing Courses included. Psychic Healing is your birthright -- learn to flow psychic healing with the Reiki Ray and be trained in many advanced techniques with Rachel's Psychic Reiki Healing Courses!

All levels include Reiki Training, Reiki Practice, extra training of Psychic Healing techniques, a Manual and Reiki Book, Personal Reiki Attunement, Reiki online Community and love. Reiki 1 & 2 include video courses online with personal attunement when you are ready. Reiki Master Teacher is offered 1-2x a year live.

Elemental Magick & Healing Program & Certification

Connect with Dragons, Unicorns, Fairies, and Mermaids through Liquid Reiki Sound Healing. Be connected to their frequency for communication, be attuned to their Light Language, and learn to bring through their healing modalities so you can be a Fae Healer!

$11 Protection & Shielding Course with Angel Fire

Protection and Shielding with Angel Fire plus a group Sound Healing for Clearing & Protection. Pre-recorded video + class notes download. PROTECT, GROUND, AND SHIELD YOURSELF from other people’s energy, using Angel Fire —  a technique given to us by the angels. Perfect for empaths, to shield your own energy and to learn to help others without depleting your own energy, as well.
Works beautifully with Reiki.

TAG Beginners Bundle: Open Your Spiritual Path

The world is changing and many of us are being strongly called to Spirituality. Our Spirit Guides want to help us do well in this life! 
If you feel you aren’t quite ready for the TAG Lightworkers Monthly Program, then start with the TAG Beginner Program with 11 full programs to help you begin your journey! 

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